Frequently Asked Questions

An architectural rendering is a depiction of a building or some other structure that is currently in the design process. It takes the form of a still image or a movie showing what the building or structure will look like when completed. A skillfully made rendering will not only show the structure but the activity that surrounds it such as shoppers entering a store, pedestrians walking by, cars, trees and flowers.

Architectural renderings are most often used by architects, engineers, and real estate developers but their wider audience includes just about everybody. A developer building a theme park for instance may use renderings to entice eventual customers to the venue. The same is true for sports arenas, shopping malls, and even residential property. Architects and engineers use renderings to showcase their designs to potential and existing clients.

While CAD drawings are descriptive, a well-done rendering captures the imagination of the prospective client creating an emotional response that makes a design come to life.

The cost of a rendering or an animation can vary widely depending upon the scope of the project. However, software developers continue to improve their products in such a way that an architectural illustrator (the one who produces the rendering) can now create better images in less time thereby reducing cost.

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